Construction Project Management courses

construction project managementA course in construction project management will teach you how to successfully plan, control and monitor construction projects.

The training programs also provide you with tools and instruments for construction project management.

They show you how to identify and manage risks at an early stage and how to successfully lead project teams. In addition, you will learn how to legally secure yourself against subcontractors and specialist companies, and how to make the handover to the client successful.

Manage construction projects successfully

The demands on construction projects are becoming ever more extensive and complex. At the same time, the projects have to be planned and realized faster and faster. This makes it necessary to carry out tasks at the same time, which results in a high susceptibility to errors, especially if information is incomplete.

Construction project management courses teach you how to complete even complex construction projects by risk-reducing, success-oriented and efficient management. You will learn which legal and contractual aspects have to be considered and how you prepare the handover to the client.

After attending a construction project management course, you will be familiar with the methods, procedures and tools for the individual tasks of a successful construction project. These include:

  • Information, communication, documentation, organization
  • Quality and quantities
  • Cost, efficiency, financing
  • Dates, capacities, logistics
  • Legal and contract management
  • Leadership and strategy

Construction project management online courses

Project management can be studied online through various virtual course programs.

Curriculum of a construction project management course

  • Coursera: Construction Management Specialization
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Construction Project Management online certificate

Basics and introduction

  • Definition and explanation of basic terms
  • Methods and instruments of planning, control and control
  • Structure and process organization of projects
  • Working and action principles of project management in construction
  • Interfaces between the project participants
  • Success factors for a successful construction project execution

Typical mistakes – risk management

  • The typical mistakes of the “lived construction practice” at a glance
  • Risk management throughout the project
  • Documentation and evidence to the client

Task areas at a glance

  • Information, communication, documentation, organization
  • Qualities and quantities of the construction project and object
  • Cost, efficiency, financing
  • Dates, capacities, logistics on the construction site
  • Law and contract law
  • Lead projects

Service Profiles

  • Performance picture of the HOAI
  • More performance pictures
  • BGB and VOB / B
  • Policies, regulations and accepted rules of technology
  • Case law on selected topics

Legal and contract management

  • Elements of a good contract – effective contract design
  • Controlling the rights and obligations arising from contracts
  • Controlling of contractors (subcontractors)
  • Incentive systems through the contract
  • Supplementary Controlling – systematic, cause-related planning, control and control of supplements

Decisions and risks

  • Methods and instruments of decision-making
  • Risk controlling – identifying risks in construction projects
  • Methods and instruments of risk minimization

Organization – Communication – Documentation – Information

  • Definition of the interfaces
  • Workflow (organization of processes)
  • Definition of the responsibilities of the project participants
  • Structure of meaningful communication
  • Secure documentation in the construction project

Requirements and services

  • Methods and tools of user needs analysis / demand program
  • Quantity controlling – Methods and instruments for recording the quantities of
  • output in planning and execution

Dates – capacities and logistics

  • Legally secure method of scheduling – network planning
  • Quantities, Expense Values, Capacities
  • Control and control of schedules
  • Project, stage, phase and control schedules
  • Dealing with construction schedules

Cost – economy

  • Cost element accounting in project management
  • Taxable and non-taxable costs
  • Methods and tools for identifying costs (below) limits
  • Accuracy of planning to ensure cost targets
  • Cost management using the example of a construction project


  • Planning, control and control of project and object quality
  • Ensuring the quality
  • Dealing with residual defects and prevention of shortages
  • Change controlling of the targets in the construction project / object

Conflict handling – Foundations of Successful Negotiation

  • Consensual dispute resolution
  • Non-consensual dispute resolution
  • Efficient Behaviors

Tools and procedures for securing evidence

  • Documentation and proof of services
  • Criteria – evidential value of documents

Management of project teams

  • Basic to Leading
  • Leadership strategy and tactics
  • Meaningful and efficient deployment of the team
  • Communication paths and means
  • Leading project teams in practice

Tools for construction project management