Find the right project management course

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We help you find the right project management course provides an overview of popular project management courses, with a focus on online courses.

Our goal is to help you pick the right project management course based on your individual learning needs, your budget, your requirements and — most importantly — on your professional situation.

Here’s you will find:

  • Reviews of popular project management courses
  • We compares different types of courses: those provided by online training companies, universities, etc.
  • the site also includes interviews with students who took some of the offered online courses

Depending on your professional situation, certain types of courses and certifications make sense while others don’t.

The site does not limit itself to a particular industry or professional field. Courses are categorized by professional field and industrial sector (e.g. construction project management, IT project management), making it easier to find a course for your situation.

To give you first-hand information from other people in your field, we have included interviews with people who have taken PM courses or who have successfully completed a project management certification.

And: The site would not be complete without information about common project management certification programs like PMI and PMP. We also give you recommendations which project management certification to pick.

What to look for in a project management course?

  • Credible instructors with track record as project managers
  • Broad coverage of topics, going beyond theoretical and formal knowledge
  • Usage of real examples and case studies
  • Lifetime access (if you’re buying an online course)